You'll Never Guess Who Taylor Swift is Related To

We all know that Taylor Swift wanted to be a Kennedy, but just because her relationship with Connor didn’t work out, doesn’t mean she’s not part of the family! She’s actually Connor’s 13th cousin!

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When Kerry Kennedy presented the Ripple of Hope Award award to Swift for her “dedication to advocacy at such a young age”, she said “Taylor is just the kind of woman we want our daughters to be.” Well it’s no surprise then that Taylor is indeed one of her relatives!

It’s also no wonder that Taylor Swift has found enormous success ��� talent runs in her veins.

According to MyHeritage, the world’s largest family history network, Swift is related to dozens of musicians and celebrities. Check out who she’s related to below:


  • James Taylor is Taylor Swift’s 9th cousin once removed
  • Marie Osmond is Taylor Swift’s 10th cousin twice removed
  • Katy Perry is Taylor Swift’s 11th cousin
  • Tim McGraw is Taylor Swift’s 11th cousin once removed
  • Janet Jackson is Taylor Swift’s 6th cousin twice removed’s ex-husband’s sister’s husband’s granddaughter’s ex-partner’s sister


  • Johnny Depp is Taylor Swift’s 7th cousin once removed
  • Matt Damon is Taylor Swift’s 10th cousin once removed
  • Selena Gomez is Taylor Swift’s 17th cousin twice removed
  • Jennifer Lawrence is Taylor Swift’s 16th cousin twice removed
  • Zooey Claire Deschanel is Taylor Swift’s 9th cousin


  • Ellen DeGeneres is Taylor Swift’s 8th cousin 7 times removed
  • Charlie Chaplin is Taylor Swift’s second cousin five times removed’s husband’s wife’s first cousin thrice removed’s ex-husband

Overall, her ‘family’ just loves her! Even Drake, Taylor’s 6th great aunt’s first cousin 6 times removed’s husband’s granddaughter’s ex-partner(!), has only good things to say about her. “I just like her whole being. I’m excited about her career”.

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